FastTrack Delivers Fabricated Products to Europe, Middle East, Africa

Our FastTrack service supplies high tech materials, excellent quality and on time delivery from H.C. Starck’s fully integrated supply chain. Core competency fabricated products made of molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, and their alloys are delivered to customers from our facility in Calne, United Kingdom. Whether you are a small machine shop or a billion dollar business, we can supply all your material needs.

FastTrack offers:
  • Refractory metals in sheet and rod form, cut to customer requirements, at competitive pricing, excellent quality, and customer service.
  • A dedicated sales and materials preparation team for both quotations and shipments.
  • Enquiries quoted within 24 hours on stock material. Non-stock items quoted using our global supply chain.
  • Stock items and material dispatched within 3 days of ordering.
  • One of the largest inventories of refractory metals supported by H.C. Starck’s global supply chain.
  • Pre-rolled tantalum sheet is now available. Other gauges rolled in house from ingot.
  • Niobium rolled from ingot.
  • Simple fabrications quoted and processed within FastTrack service levels.
For our FastTrack Service call +44.1249.823.811 or +44.1249.823.832

Chart of Available Stock Material

99.95 %
99.95 %
99.90 %
99.90 %
10.2 cm/cc
19.3 cm/cc
16.6 cm/cc
16.6 cm/cc
Melting Point
2,623 °C
3,422 °C
3,017 °C
2,468 °C

Available in           
0.127 – 12.7 mm
on request
0.076 – 12.7 mm
0.076 – 10 mm
5 – 79 mm diameter
on request

TZM, MoLa, TaW alloys are also available through our FastTrack service: 

TZM Moly Alloy
TZM is an established molybdenum alloy (0.5 % Ti, 0.08 % Zr, balance Mo) which is consolidated by either the P/M or vacuum arc-casting processes. It gives excellent service in applications that require high strength, creep resistance at elevated temperatures. TZM molybdenum alloy also permits higher service temperatures without softening or weakening. 

ODS Mo La alloy

ODS Mo Lanthanum is a molybdenum alloy containing Lanthanum Oxide. This oxide-dispersion strengthened molybdenum is a mixture of molybdenum with a very fine array/dispersion of lanthanum oxide particles. This composition results in extraordinary resistance to recrystallization, ductility, and high-temperature deformation. It is an ideal material for applications requiring dimensional stability and strength at temperatures above the capabilities of either pure molybdenum metal or molybdenum TZM alloy.
Refer to Product Data Sheets for sizes:

Pure Molybdenum
PD-7014 Pure Molybdenum Sheet Premium Grade PS-100-2
PD-7016 Pure Molybdenum Sheet Standard Grade PS-300-2
PD-7028 Pure Molybdenum ASL AC Sheet 3202 Low Carbon
PD-7029 Pure Molybdenum Plate PP-22-2
PD-7030 Pure Molybdenum APL AC Plate 3203 Low Carbon

Molybdenum Alloys
PD-7001 Molybdenum Alloy TZM PM Sheet 2702
PD-7004 Molybdenum Alloy TZM AC Plate 3403
PD-7005 Molybdenum Alloy TZM AC Sheet 3402
PD-7011 Molybdenum Alloy TZM PM Plate 2703
PD-7043 Molybdenum Alloy ODS Mo-La PM Sheet 2602
PD-7044 Molybdenum Alloy ODS Mo-La PM Plate 2603

Tantalum and Tantalum Alloys
PD-7033 NRC Ultra 76 Tantalum Alloy (Ta 2.5 % W)
PD-7035 NRC Tantalum (UNS R05200)
PD-7036 NRC Tantalum Beam Melted Tantalum (ETA) (UNS R05200)

Niobium and Niobium Alloys
PD-7034 Niobium (COLUMBIUM)
PD-7038 Grain Stablizied Niobium (GSNb)

Pure Tungsten
PD-7007 Pure Tungsten WS Sheet 4202
PD-7013 Pure Tungsten WP-2 4203