SILICIDES - The top choice for high-performance heating elements

Silicides are binary metallic compounds containing silicon and are usually classified as intermetallic compounds. Our product portfolio includes molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2), tungsten disilicide (WSi2) and zirconium disilicide (ZrSi2). Molybdenum disilicide occupies the dominant role because it has been used for many years internationally in high-performance heating elements (> 1,700 °C). Molybdenum disilicide has a unique selling point in this area.

Molybdenum disilicide: electrical conductivity and excellent oxidation resistance at extreme temperatures

Molybdenum disilicide is characterized by its high level of electrical conductivity as well as excellent oxidation resistance at temperatures above 1,000 °C; in addition, it has a high modulus of elasticity.

In general, molybdenum disilicide is limited in its use in ceramics. However, when combined with other nonoxide ceramics, it can be used as a composite material, like in glow plugs for the automotive industry. Heating elements made from molybdenum disilicide can be applied at temperatures up to 1,800 °C. They are used in furnace construction and mechanical engineering, in the industrial production of glass, steel, electronics, and ceramics, in electric arc furnaces in laboratories and for heat-treating materials. In addition, molybdenum disilicide is also employed as a raw material for sputtering targets for physical vapor deposition (PVD).

H.C. Starck offers three qualities of molybdenum disilicide, the oxygen content of which varies depending on fineness.

Support along the entire process chain

To help ideas become successful solutions, we support our customers as partners in the development and optimization of materials, products and processes. Our application technology department has outstanding materials expertise, detailed knowledge of metallurgical and chemical processes and long-term experience in numerous innovative markets, applications areas and technologies. Moreover, we have an accredited chemical analysis department that monitors the manufacture of our products to precise specifications.


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