Molybdenum and Tungsten Hot Zones for LED Sapphire Crystal Growing and Processing

The furnace industry has seen a remarkable growth in the production of custom-made, high temperature vacuum or controlled (inert) atmosphere furnaces for growing sapphire crystals used in manufacturing of LEDs. These furnaces have unique and demanding hot zone designs for melting alumina in crucibles for precise, highly controlled crystal growth.

The hot zones in sapphire growing furnaces and sapphire annealing/post processing use H.C. Starck’s molybdenum and tungsten materials and fabricated products for furnace components and fixtures.

Molybdenum and Tungsten Hot Zones

These high temperature materials are characterized by their high thermal and electrical conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent strength and stability at temperatures above 2,000°C.

Whether by KY, EFG, CZ, or HEM-like methods (GTAT, CHES, and VHGF) or post processing annealing, H.C. Starck is well versed in these different sapphire crystal growth and processing methods and supplies engineered product solutions for all technology platforms.

Customer specific furnace components and fixtures for high temperature furnaces are uniquely designed and supplied by H.C. Starck.