H.C. Starck provides offers value-added product solutions for a number of challenging applications such as heat treatment of large aerospace components in vacuum furnaces, annealing of aerospace and medical products to vital specifications, and brazing of high production components in controlled atmosphere furnaces.

H.C. Starck Products for Heat Treating and Furnace Markets

H.C. Starck offers products from tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum, and alloys such as TZM and lanthanum oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) molybdenum for use in the heat treating and furnace markets. These materials demonstrate low coefficient of thermal expansion, high electrical and thermal conductivity, good mechanical durability, and unprecedented strength and stability at elevated temperatures as high as 2000°C.

H.C. Starck provides product solutions for all high temperature furnace applications, including brazing, annealing, sintering and vacuum heat treating, in a variety of industries such as automotive, defense, aerospace, and medical. Product solutions offered by H.C. Starck:

  • Tantalum hot zones and furnace hardware
  • Molybdenum and tungsten mill products
  • Heating element materials
  • Hot zone replacement parts
  • Vacuum furnace materials
  • Heat shields
  • Furnace parts

High Temperature Furnace Applications

H.C. Starck offers tungsten and molybdenum materials for use in high temperature vacuum and argon atmosphere furnaces. The company offers services such as pre-characterization of materials, for instance, assessing material performance after subjected to high temperature annealing.

Lab Testing Furnaces

  • Chemical reactions furnaces (air, vacuum or other atmospheres)
  • High temperature capabilities in vacuum, reduced and inert atmospheres
  • Controlled Atmosphere Furnace Applications
Furnace – Heating elements and heat shields
Energy – Carbide drilling equipment
Medical – Orthopedic and joint replacements
Aerospace – Rocket nozzles

Sapphire Crystal growth furnaces feature uniquely designed hot zones for housing crucibles, which melt alumina for high quality substrates that are applied in the production of LEDs.