We offer 3 types of Silicon Nitride Ready-to-Press Powders containing processing and sintering additives.

STARCERAM N rtp Grade M is qualified for a machinable processing after isostatic pressing.

STARCERAM N rtp Grade P is preferred for dry pressing.

STARCERAM N rtp Grade E for pressing, sintering and green machining. After sintering the material is EDM machinable.

We offer a broad portfolio of Silicon Carbide Ready-to-Press Powders as well as Raw SiC Powders.

STARCERAM S rtp Grade RQ: Resin based rtp powder for excellent green machining

STARCERAM S rtp Grade SQ: PVA/PEG based rtp powder for green machining and dry pressing

STARCERAM S rtp Grade HQ/HQ-F: Like SQ but smaller in granule distribution and in addition the finer version HQ-F with smaller granule sizes fir highes strength

STARCERAM S UF Grades: ultrafine raw SiC powders


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