SILICON NITRIDE - High purity up to 99.995 percent

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) is one of the purely covalent nitrides. Like all nitrides, it is characterized by a high degree of thermal stability and exceptional chemical stability. Its other properties make it the top representative of the nitride ceramics.
Silicon Nitride Powder

Its impressive characteristics include:

  • High ductility
  • Exceptional resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • High degree of strength at high temperatures with a low degree of thermal expansion

H.C. Starck supplies silicon nitrides in a variety of qualities with properties oriented toward the respective, major application areas. These properties are part of a continuing improvement process. They are used as a construction material in mechanical engineering for ceramic parts under high stress as well as in ceramic cutting tools and ceramic bearings (e.g. precision bearings and ball/rolling bearings) among other applications.

Particularly noteworthy is our high-purity silicon nitride type "High Purity for Photovoltaics". It is produced with an extremely high degree of purity, greater than 99.995 percent, which means that it only contains a minimal amount of metallic impurities. As a coating for crucibles used in the manufacture of silicon wafers for polycrystalline solar cells and as a precursor for LED phosphors, it helps to increase the performance of the finished products.

Other nitride ceramic precursors by H.C. Starck include aluminum nitride, boron nitride, titanium nitride and additional nitride compounds.


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