Sliding rings for liquid-lubricated mechanical seals and gas seals in pumps, stirrers, mills, compressors, turbines and desulfurization plants. Primary shaft seals in naval construction and shaft seals in the gas- and oil extraction.

Sliding Ring

SSiC, SiSiC, Al2O3 and Si3N4


  • high chemical corrosion resistance
  • high temperature resistance
  • high thermal conductivity i.e. rapid dissipation of process heat
  • low density, i.e. small mass moment of inertia
  • high wear resistance due to high strength and hardness 
  • good tribological properties

Sintered silicon carbide is the most common material for liquid-lubricated mechanical seals due to its excellent chemical resistance and thermal conductivity. For high-speed gas seals the preferred material is silicon nitride with highest strength and wear resistance.


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