The most innovative devices in the world use tantalum capacitor powder from H.C. Starck

Maximum performance – minimum space: Patented tantalum capacitor powder from
H.C. Starck

The mobile Web, MP3 players, cameras, GPS devices: Today’s smartphones, super-thin ultrabooks and media tablets have to pack ever more features into increasingly smaller formats. Driving the lifestyle trend towards miniaturization, H.C. Starck’s tantalum capacitor powder makes it possible to achieve the large internal surface area needed to manufacture high performance capacitors. Extremely reliable, today’s tantalum capacitors store the maximum amount of electrical charge in the minimum amount of space.



Targetting cancer with highest precision by X-ray focusing enabled by H.C. Starck’s tungsten components

Radiation shielding and precision are required to effectively target and destroy cancer while preserving normal cells.

H.C. Starck is a key player in the development of new products and technologies for both the diagnosis and therapy of cancer. We supply a wide range of components for X-ray tubes and CT scanners.

In X-ray devices, the absorption of X-rays and gamma radiation generally is in direct proportion to the density of the shielding material. H.C. Starck's tungsten alloys with densities more than 50 per cent greater than lead, provide extremely efficient radiation shielding and protection, especially in limited spaces. Tungsten combines excellent corrosion resistance with the highest melting point, lowest vapor pressure, and highest tensile strength at temperatures above 1,650°C of all metals. Its hardness and high density make it ideal for radiation shielding.

H.C. Starck offers tungsten in pure and alloy form as finished machined parts for use in a variety of medical technology applications, including X-ray anodes, collimator or "anti-scatter" plates, radiation shielding, radioactive source containers, and syringe covers for radioactive isotope injection and radiopaque markers.



The most environmentally friendly source of energy relies on silicon nitride from H.C. Starck

Clean energy at its most efficient: Ultrapure silicon nitride – “High purity for photovoltaics”

Solar power is one of the cleanest ways to generate renewable energy and, when photovoltaic systems use polycrystalline silicon solar cells, is also one of the most efficient. H.C. Starck’s ultrapure silicon nitride powders are real performance energizers.

Silica crucibles used for melting and crystallizing silicon are coated on their inside surface with a Si3N4 based coating, which facilitates an easy release of the ingot after finishing the production cycle, avoids impurities entering the silicon, and minimizes stress created during solidification.

Ultimately, it’s the purity of the silicon ingot that determines the quality and performance of the high-quality solar wafer – the heart of every of solar cell.