H.C. Starck’s nearly 100 years of metallurgical experience gives us an edge when it comes to processing high technology materials like tantalum. Our unique engineered products are produced from tantalum plate, sheet, foil, rod, wire, and coil materials.

Tantalum Sheet and Plate

Tantalum sheet and plate are supplied with a cold-rolled and a chemically-cleaned surface. Because of their strength and workability, very thin sheets of tantalum can be clad to other surfaces, providing superior corrosion protection and cost effectiveness.

Depending on your specifications and needs, all of our tantalum sheet and plate are visually inspected for slivers, laminations, excessive roll marks and handling scratches.

Tantalum Rod, Wire and Coil

Tantalum rod is worked cold from ingot to final diameter. Forging, rolling, swaging, and drawing are used singularly or in combination to reach the desired size. Proprietary techniques have been developed by H.C. Starck to overcome the metal's extremely high-galling tendencies. Special lubricants and die design, as well as suitable speeds and reductions per pass, are all a part of cold drawing tantalum.

Rod is generally supplied with a forged surface above 1-3/8" diameter, and a swaged or drawn finish in smaller diameters. Rod, preferably unannealed, may be centerless ground to improve diameter tolerances. The minimum diameter for centerless grinding is .125". Rod to a maximum of 1/4" and wire may be supplied in coils or straightened and cut to length.

Tantalum Repair Kits

H.C. Starck offers tantalum patch kits, repair sleeves and parts for dependable repair of glass lined equipment used in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. A patch kit assembly consists of a tantalum slotted stud, hex nut, disc and teflon gaskets. Tantalum has proven ideal for such repairs because it is one of the most corrosion resistant materials available. Its resistance to acid attack is comparable to that of glass and platinum.

Superior Quality

At H.C. Starck, we know that assuring product quality contributes to the success of our customers. Therefore, each step in our production cycle is monitored and our quality programs ensure the manufacture of consistent and high-quality products.

H.C. Starck has a team of highly qualified technical experts who have material knowledge and application expertise, and they ensure that our products and processes are developed upon customers' demands. All our plants are ISO 9001 certified and we comply with all customer approval processes.

Six Sigma

For those customers who are striving to meet goals of six sigma, tantalum is often the best choice for demanding applications. If you are interested in controlling your quality and defects, expanding your process capability, minimizing your process variation and ensuring a stable operation, tantalum is a clear choice. Because of its purity, inertness, toughness, reliability and robustness in a variety of environments, tantalum has been the leading choice of customers who are serious about the concepts of six sigma.

Tantalum and Tantalum Alloy Products:

Refer to Product Data Sheets for Tantalum for sizes:

PD-7033 NRC Ultra 76 Tantalum Alloy (Ta 2.5%W)
PD-7035 NRC Tantalum (UNS R05200)
PD-7036 NRC Tantalum Beam Melted Tantalum (ETA) (UNS R05200)