TANTALUM PENTOXIDE (Ta2O5) - High degree of purity for single crystal production

Tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5) is used in the production of lithium tantalate single crystals. These single crystals are cut into wafers and are used as a substrate for manufacturing surface acoustic wave filters (SAW filters). These SAW filters made of lithium tantalate are used in mobile end devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, ultrabooks, GPS applications and smart meters. In these devices they ensure precise frequency control, optimized selectivity and reduced distortion.
Tantalum Pentoxide

Top crystal properties and optimum yield

In cooperation with leading single crystal manufacturers, H.C. Starck has developed ultrapure tantalum pentoxides, which feature especially good flow characteristics due to their narrow grain size distribution. The physical properties of these oxides ensure optimum yield and crystal performance in addition to meeting these chemical purity requirements.

When tantalum pentoxide is added to the glass during the production of optical lenses, the lenses are lighter and thinner and have outstanding optical properties for cameras and special optical applications. The addition of tantalum pentoxide allows the desired glass properties, such as the refractive index or the color distribution (Abbe number), to be set specifically.

Our tantalum pentoxides are used in the production of sputtering targets, with which anti-reflective layers are applied to optical lenses using physical vapor deposition (PVD).

In all of these applications, the high degree of chemical purity of H.C. Starck's tantalum pentoxide guarantees the best performance. In addition to the regular particle morphology, H.C. Starck also supplies spherical tantalum pentoxides. Due to their good flow characteristics and high settled density, they can be used in other applications as spray powders.

Thanks to intensive customer cooperation, we can improve product properties with respect to the continuously changing requirements of the specific applications. Our application technicians have an outstanding knowledge of materials, detailed process understanding and expertise gained over many years in many innovative areas in the market, in applications and in technology. They are supported by in-house, accredited chemical analysis, which ensures that H.C. Starck production meets precise specifications.

We use recycling both to ensure a supply of raw materials and to remain independent from fluctuations in supply and price. We are able to reclaim tantalum from almost any type of scrap with a tantalum content of 1 to 99%. Based on our "closed-loop offer", we accept used, recyclable products that contain tantalum from our customers and reprocess them to produce high-performance tantalum products.

Conflict-free, sustainable tantalum supply

H.C. Starck only processes raw materials from ethically acceptable, conflict-free sources. This also applies for the procurement and processing of tantalum. We only purchase raw materials that meet the specifications of the OECD ("Due Diligence Guidelines for Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas"). Our company and its tantalum processing sites are certified in the context of the Conflict-Free Smelter (CFS) Validation Program of the independent Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI).


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