AMPERTECTM TANTALUM PENTACHLORIDE (TaCl5) - Purity and material expertise

Chloride production is one of H.C. Starck's specialties, and our AMPERTECTM tantalum pentachloride is the purest currently available on the market. AMPERTECTM tantalum pentachloride is a highly reactive form of tantalum. This characteristic is used in various applications like catalytic processes, chemical syntheses, coating and doping.

The chloride produced by H.C. Starck is characterized by a larger particle size, which provides improved material flow characteristics. Moreover, the material is associated with less dust formation and improved storage capability due to a lower rate of hydrolysis.

Tantalum pentachloride is an effective co-catalyst in the production of fluorinated hydrocarbons, which are used to manufacture coolants for refrigerators.

Ruthenium and iridium oxides doped with tantalum pentachloride are used as corrosion-resistant electrical conductors in anodes used in electrolysis. Tantalum pentachloride is highly reactive and dissolves completely and without residue in the anode coating solution. In addition to the electrolysis application, these anodes are also used in ocean water desalination facilities.

AMPERTECTM tantalum pentachloride "Highest Purity" is a component in special CVD (chemical vapor deposition) precursors used in the production of microprocessors and memory chips.

Energy saving halogen lamps feature a heat reflecting layer made of tantalum pentachloride. On the other hand, the material's high reactivity and lack of oxygen benefits the synthesis of alkoxides and CVD precursors (amides).

In addition to its wide spectrum of products, H.C. Starck's portfolio is characterized by comprehensive application technology support for questions regarding product selection and process optimization as well as customer-oriented product modification and enhancement. We use recycling both to ensure a supply of raw materials and to remain independent from fluctuations in supply and price. We are able to reclaim niobium from almost any type of scrap with a niobium content of 1 to 99%. Based on our "closed-loop offer", we accept used, recyclable products that contain niobium from our customers and reprocess them to produce high-performance niobium products.


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