Thermocouple Protection Tube

Temperature control
  • excellent thermal shock and corrosion resistance
  • very low wettability of non ferrous metal melts
  • high thermal conductivity

Thermocouple protection tubes made from StarCeram® N Silicon Nitride, have been recognised for their low wettability and superior corrosion resistance of non ferrous metal melts. This minimises contamination of the alloy products and decreases the operating costs. Our StarCeram® N offers high mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, excellent thermal shock resistance and high fracture toughness.


External diameter (ED)Internal diameterLength
16 mm, 22 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm
8 mm (ED 16 mm)
12 mm (ED 22 mm)
16 mm (ED 28 mm)
20 mm (ED 32 mm)
max. 1.500 mm