Tungsten Alloys Protect Patients and Medical Professionals from Radiation

A major challenge confronting both the medical profession plus diagnostic and imaging equipment manufacturers is the safe and effective use of radiation in diagnostic and therapeutic treatments. Advancements in technology have made possible the reduction of radiation to patients and medical professionals by lowering dosage levels. In addition, high performance materials like tungsten alloys have further reduced exposure to radiation.

Nuclear Medicine

hcstarck_09_lr.jpgShielding radiation plays a key role in nuclear medicine, particularly, in the handling of radioactive isotopes in radioactive source containers used to transport radioactive materials from PET isotope production centers to cancer treatment hospitals. Syringe covers made from tungsten alloys protect shield against radiation contamination.

High density tungsten alloys from H.C. Starck are the perfect solution for radiation shielding and providing safer diagnostic and therapeutic treatment in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

Imaging and Diagnostic Treatment

3d_printed_collimators_05116_72dpi.jpgReducing radiation requires limiting beam particle sizes through a technique called collimation. In diagnostic and imaging equipment, collimation is employed to optimize radiographic imaging, to prevent unnecessary exposure to body areas not being treated, and to improve image quality by producing less scatter radiation. Collimation of the x-ray beam improves contrast resolution as well.

H.C. Starck’s tungsten alloy components act as superior radiation shields for gamma cameras, PET SEPTA plates are produced from tungsten alloys and H.C. Starck’s tungsten alloy components act as superior radiation shields for gamma cameras, PET scanners, and brachytherapy.  Our 3D printed collimator parts function as gamma camera collimators. PET SEPTA plates are produced from tungsten alloys and are employed in collimation shielding for PET scanners.


  • Radioactive Source Containers for Isotope
  • Radioactive Isotopes Injection Shielding Storage and Transport
  • PET Scanners and Radiotherapy


  • High dnsity alloys ranging from 17.2 to 18.5g/cc
  • Protects against radiation when handling radioactive materials
  • Absorbs X-ray and gamma radiation

Available Forms

H.C. Starck offers complex-shaped components per customer design.

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H.C. Starck collaborates with customers to fabricate and machine components for medical applications including build-to-print and design of tungsten alloy components.


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