Tungsten High Density KU-1000 Powder Alloy

A recognized high density tungsten powder alloy, KU-1000 is a new and improved matrix alloy for rotary type rock-drilling bits utilized in a variety of mining operations.

> Oil & Gas Exploration
> Synthetic Diamonds
> Mining
> Quarry
> Cemented Carbides

Tungsten’s high density alloy powder, KU-1000 has an exceptional hard metal matrix composition suitable for hot pressing in combination with non-metallic abrasive grains. KU-1000 tungsten powder has a composition of tungsten-carbide, cobalt, nickel and other alloying powders that provides a composition that is hard, tough, abrasion-resistant and easy to form.

In addition, the coefficient of thermal expansion is closely matched to that of steel, and it is easily bonded to itself or to any suitable shank material commonly used to attach the impregnated unit to a power-driven shaft.

H.C. Starck’s tungsten KU-1000 powder alloy eliminates many of the difficulties encountered in previous coating methods:
  • Voids caused by incomplete infiltration
  • Lack of uniformity of hardness and toughness
  • Difficulty in bonding the crown to the steel shank
  • Rapid wear of matrix caused by break away of carbide inserts
  • Cracking of matrix material
  • Break away of crown from shank caused by large differences in expansion coefficients

Physical Properties of Tungsten KU-1000 Powder Alloy


Physical Properties
11.7-11.8 g/cc
Hardness RA

Thermal Coefficient of Expansion

Recommended Molding Pressure
750-1500 psi
Recommended Molding Pressure
2500-3000 psi
Recommended Molding Temperature

1150-1200ºC max

Kulite® is the trademark used for the Tungsten KU-1000 Powder Alloy manufactured in the U.S.A.


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