TUNGSTEN METAL POWDER - Tungsten: a metal with superlative properties

As pure metal, tungsten has not only the highest melting point of all metals (3,422°C) and the lowest degree of thermal expansion, but it is also very dense (19.3 g/cm³), has a high degree of mechanical strength and rigidity and very low vapor pressure.

Due to these and other outstanding properties, tungsten metal is indispensable in many key industries.

Tungsten Metal Powder

Its high density, mechanical attenuation properties, high capability for absorption of ionizing radiation and ease of mechanical processing are used to their best advantage in tungsten heavy metal alloys based on: tungsten-nickel-iron (W-Ni-Fe), tungsten-nickel-cobalt (W-Ni-Co) and tungsten-nickel-copper (W-Ni-Cu). These alloys are used as mass balancing weights and attenuators in aircraft construction, in motors and power trains, as oscillating weights and centrifugal weights in machines and in equipment construction, and in medical technology for both protection from and focusing of ionizing radiation in x-ray and measuring devices.

The high degree of thermal resistance in combination with very good thermal and electrical conductivity of tungsten-copper materials makes them particularly suitable for applications in high performance electrical switch contacts, as heat sinks in the electronic industry and as erosion electrodes.

In the coatings industry, pure tungsten metal is used as a crucible material and for sputtering targets; in high temperature furnace construction it is used in heating equipment and thermal protection.

Highly diverse spectrum of grades with technical application support

H.C. Starck produces tungsten metal powder by reducing tungsten oxides in a hydrogen atmosphere. We offer a highly diverse range of powder grades with average Fisher grain sizes from approx. 0.7 µm to >50 µm. We provide technical support in the selection of the powders suitable for specific applications and for questions regarding process optimization.

Quality and raw material supply are assured

H.C. Starck is known for excellent quality and expertise gained over many years in tungsten production. Modern, advanced systems and processes as well as experienced employees with related expertise guarantee a consistently high level of tungsten metal quality. To ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials, H.C. Starck also uses secondary raw materials. In a sophisticated recycling process , we obtain high quality ammonium paratungstate for producing new tungsten metal powder. We also offer our customers recycling services for tungsten products. At H.C. Starck, almost all tungsten containing residues or metal components can be reworked into new, high quality tungsten metal powder.

Support along the entire process chain

To help ideas become successful solutions, we support our customers as partners in the development and optimization of materials, products and processes. Our application technicians have outstanding materials expertise, detailed knowledge of metallurgical and chemical processes and long-term experience in numerous innovative markets, application areas and technologies. Our accredited chemical analysis department monitors the manufacture of our products to precise specifications. Understand each other and move forward together - that's the H.C. Starck way.