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We develop and produce tungsten chemicals specifically for the battery sector, where they enhance performance capacity and safety and extend the life of lithium-ion batteries.

Properties of starck2charge® tungsten chemicals

Our starck2charge® tungsten chemicals are tailored to the stringent requirements of battery production. Regardless of the individual product, our high standards for product purity and stability ensure safe use in high-performance battery materials while also significantly improving the batteries’ electrochemical performance. For example, modifying electrode material allows for significant increases in cycle stability in lithium-ion batteries.

Get to know our products, which were developed for a wide range of dry and wet processing methods.

Use in battery technology

starck2charge cathode material tungsten chemicals


Using tungsten chemicals as cathode materials increases cycle stability and reduces undesired side reactions.

starck2charge anode material tungsten chemicals


As part of a new tungsten-based technology, tungsten oxides play a key role in the improved charge capability of batteries.

Wide range of products

Ammonium metatungstate (AMT)Ammonium metatungstate (AMT) is a white crystalline powder with high water solubility and a narrow particle size distribution.
Blue tungsten oxideTungsten oxide (blue) is a blue crystalline powder.
Yellow tungsten oxide Tungsten oxide (yellow) is a yellow crystalline powder.
Tungstic acid Tungstic acid is a very fine-grained, yellow powder with a very narrow particle size distribution.
Sodium tungstate Sodium tungstate is a white crystalline powder.

Support for specific technical applications

Depending on the specific battery material and processing method involved, we develop our tungsten products with a focus on customers and specific attention to use in high-performance battery materials.

Alongside close ties with our customers, we also work to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with leading research institutes such as the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW). This allows us to identify new trends emerging on the fast-paced battery market early on and optimize our products to meet these demands.

Download product data sheets

starck2charge® APT

starck2charge® Tungstic acid

starck2charge® AMT

starck2charge® Sodium tungstate

starck2charge® BTO

starck2charge® YTO

starck2charge® – downloads

Download the product data sheets for our starck2charge® tungsten chemicals directly here or visit our download area.