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We know chemical applications

Chemical products play a key role in almost all branches of modern industry. Many of them develop their performance capacity due to tungsten chemicals. Tungsten oxide, ammonium metatungstate, tungstic acid, and ammonium paratungstate are starting products for the manufacture of efficient catalysts for exhaust gas cleaning or petroleum product refinement. Pigments are another area of application for tungstate, tungstic acid, and tungsten trioxide. Together we can find the right solution for your chemical applications.

A few facts about chemical applications


  • Precursor for catalysts
  • Pigments
  • Intermediate products for the production of tungsten metal powder and tungsten carbides


  • Low level of impurities


We produce customised, high-quality tungsten chemicals. To ensure a sustainable and secure supply of raw materials, we rely primarily on the use of secondary materials. Our demanding recycling process extracts ultra-pure tungsten from used products.

Tungsten chemicals

We offer you tungsten chemicals for a broad range of chemical applications. Discover our product range.

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