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H.C. Starck Tungsten GmbH ends short-time work

Goslar, 5 October 2020 – Normal operations have resumed at the Goslar location of H.C. Starck Tungsten GmbH since the beginning of October. The company had announced short-time work starting July 1 due to the coronavirus crisis. Up to 80 percent of a total of 350 employees were temporarily affected by this. To minimize the negative effects on the staff and on business performance, the tungsten specialist decided that the maintenance shutdown originally planned for the end of the year would take place in September The work has since been completed on schedule. “Although we see signs of a modest recovery on the order side, the actual market trend is again uncertain due to the rising number of infections in Europe,” says CEO Dr. Hady Seyeda. “Nevertheless, we are resuming production with the support of our new owners and in view of the development of several new markets and market opportunities. This ensures availability in our global supply chain, so that we can meet the needs of customers once their business picks up again. In this way, we create the conditions that enable us to react flexibly to other positive signals in the market.